I16 - Classroom Management

The most effective strategies.

Classroom Management – you do it every day! Now learn how to do it even better with top tips and cutting edge insights from those that know how to do it best! 

In this self-paced on-line course we cover two broad areas:
  1. How to better manage children's challenging behaviour through positive pro-active intervention strategies.
  2. How to best engineer the physical space that is the classroom to best facilitate learning, operating along the lines of strongly defined & known routines/processes along with ensuring that the classroom itself is a bright, display rich, engaging and nice place to be.
Some of the many questions that are discussed include:
  • What are principles that guide, and the diverse ingredients that constitute effective classroom management?
  • Are you in search of the myriad of organisational tips, along with practical suggestions for engineering the physical spaces of the classroom?
  • Why self-reflection and check-listing are key aspects of CM will set you up for success?
  • What strategies can we deploy for developing responsible pupils?
  • Why the nature and quality of interactions strongly influence classroom management outcomes.
  • What does the research literature say about the most effective CM techniques and practices?
  • Why great classroom management is rooted in motivating learners, pro-activity by teacher, and what we call ‘creative approaches to mistakes’?
  • What is challenging behaviour, what does it look like and how does one best respond?
  • How do you word & deliver comments?
  • Is your classroom optimised for learning?
  • Are the rules class generated, succinct, known and consistently applied, with transitions well managed and pro-active discipline strategies central to everything?
  • Would you like to participate in our forums, where great classroom management ideas, techniques and strategies get discussed, and where the distilled wisdom & vast experience of course participants gets shared out as tips & techniques that simply work?
……………………………not to mention the wealth of physical resources that can be downloaded from the course etc. 
Regardless of which class you teach, be party to our ‘Classroom Management Course’ in summer 2015 and discover a whole new way of classroom living!
The on-line format of the course enables you to study when and where you want to learn. Content is divided into 5 modules which you can complete in any order at any time.
Participants are encouraged to interact with one another using the communication tools (forum, chat, e-mail) provided by the CPD College learning system. Active facilitation throughout the course provides expert interaction, guidance and feedback for all participants. Assignments and questions which call for critical reflection, self-analysis and a reasoned response punctuate this highly interactive web based course.
On completion of this course each participant can download their CPD record and Certificate of completion. The Certificate of completion demonstrates your achievement in completing this professional development course.

Learning outcomes

  • Teachers will know, understand and be able to implement the best principles and practices when it comes to classroom management
  • Teachers will acquire positive strategies for managing childrens’ challenging / inappropriate behaviours
  • Teachers will better assess and engineer the physical classroom space in order to elicit more desirable behaviours / eliminate the possible triggers of inappropriate behaviours.
  • Teachers will recall and appraise the pro-active teaching strategies that can be harnessed and deployed by them on a daily basis, strategies that impact positively on children’s behavior.
  • Teachers will evaluate a range of teacher tested hints, tips and strategies that will bring out the best behaviours in their pupils, thus creating an environment that is conducive to both learning and teaching.Utilise the processes and evaluation tools necessary to carry out & implement school self evaluation / self improvement


01 - This module looks in detail at effective classroom management techniques and the principles of best practice.
02 - In this module we examine what constitutes inappropriate behavior and explore the creation of rules & procedures for governing pupil/pupil and teacher/pupil interactions.
03 - The theme of this module is engineering the physical space of the classroom – getting the basics right – wall displays / learning centres etc. – an attractive classroom to stimulate and support learning.
04 - In this module we review of the proactive teaching and management strategies that elicit the desirable behaviours.
05 - This module describes tested teacher techniques and tips for better classroom discipline.

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