I14 - Special Education

Realising each child's innate potential.

As Rita Pearson so eloquently and passionately put it, “Every Kid Needs a Champion”, most especially if you are a kid with a special educational need; then you need a teacher that will champion, advocate for and help support and meet your  ‘need’! Special educational support teachers, you are those champions, and here at CPD College we have scoped, engineered and assembled a course that will help you better understand and support children assessed as having a special need.

We help you get to grips with the many aspects of this huge area, from knowing and understanding the details of the many categories of SEN to the writing up of IEPs, from supporting the child with Down Syndrome to supporting the child with dyslexia. We cover all areas.

Our broad course in special education is directed towards equipping those teachers who will meet children with special educational needs, either in the classroom or school; informing and guiding their response to the child in the general setting or guiding & directing their intervention strategies/techniques if tasked with formally supporting the child’s educational development.

The course ranges across many bases, to include outlining:

  • The categories of special educational needs
  • The inclusion journey in Ireland
  • The importance of experienced and knowledgeable teachers
  • General learning disabilities, speech & language disorders, autism spectrum disorders etc.
  • A fresh look at ‘Team Teaching’ – principles, practices & pragmatics
  • A treatment of the crucial area of I.E.P.s
  • Understanding and supporting the child with Down Syndrome
Plus the provision of 200+ articles and advice sheets across the spectrum of special education to include: breaking the link between SEN and low attainment, speaking/reading/writing for the SEN child, special needs response pack, behaviour management resources, ASD good practice guide, managing social/emotional/behavioural difficulties, understanding memory difficulties etc. etc. to name but seven of the items.
If you have a SEN role in your school, then this course is definitely for you.
The on-line format of the course enables you to study when and where you want to learn. Content is divided into 5 modules which you can complete in any order at any time.
Participants are encouraged to interact with one another using the communication tools (forum, chat, e-mail) provided by the CPD College learning system. Active facilitation throughout the course provides expert interaction, guidance and feedback for all participants. Assignments and questions which call for critical reflection, self-analysis and a reasoned response punctuate this highly interactive web based course.
On completion of this course each participant can download their CPD record and Certificate of completion. The Certificate of completion demonstrates your achievement in completing this professional development course.

Learning outcomes

Upon course completion:
  • Teachers will be able to distinguish, describe and categorise the various areas of special educational needs.
  • Teachers will be able to plan and manage an assessment & intervention process for a student suspected of having a difficulty
  • Teachers will be able to prepare and develop a comprehensive IEP, following due process and established procedure
  • Teachers will know and choose suitable teaching & learning strategies and techniques to support the child with an assessed and identified learning difficulty/disability
  • Teachers will better understand, appraise and respond to the needs of the child with Down syndrome
  • Teachers will know the indicators of dyslexia and deploy measures, strategies & techniques to better help the child cope with his/her difficulty/disability
  • Teachers, equipped with knowledge & better understanding, will be more confident in their interactions and interventions with children with special educational needs.


01 - Here we set out and detail the guiding principles & model of provision for supporting children with special educational needs in Ireland, including:
  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • The roles played by various people
  • Models of resource allocation
  • Differentiation for SEN
02 - We briefly identify, itemise and describe the categories of various special educational needs arising from varying degrees of disability e.g. ADHD, ADD, Autism, MGLD, Speech & Language Disorders etc. and thereafter review and illustrate a range of support strategies for teaching & learning in each diagnosed area.
03 - Deals with the crucial support offered through solid Individual Education Plans, encompassing what constitutes an IEP, the procedures that govern the development of a plan, the convening & conducting of meetings, followed by the writing, implementation and subsequent review of the IEP. Sample plans are provided for analysis.
04 - This module endeavours to impart a better understanding of and response to the child with Down Syndrome by all teachers and provides insight into how best to support the child within the class and about the school.
05 - 05 - Here dyslexia in all its detail is under the microscope. What is dyslexia? How do you screen & assess for suspected dyslexia? What are the common characteristics / indicators of dyslexia? What are the best practice approaches and interventions to deploy in support of the diagnosed child? These are some of the many questions that we explore and seek / suggest answers for in module 5.

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