I12 - Tin Whistle Lessons For Teachers

To learn, take back and pass on.

One of our most exciting courses yet!

Using video and audio lessons, let us teach you to play the tin whistle. From children's classics to popular Christmas selections, from favourites through time such as 'The Fields of Athenry', to polkas, jigs and reels, the full range of tunes you would like to play and teach are covered in this course.

It's all online, in your own time and at your own pace. It is step by step, taking you all the way from blowing your first note, onwards to a competent rendition of Annie's Song, Danny Boy, The Irish Rover and many more firm favourites.


You will acquire a skill that will not just bring you endless personal pleasure, but will also bring a fun new dynamic to your classroom, especially if you decide to buy a class set of tin whistles and begin teaching the children, passing on the skills and tunes as you acquire and master them. Bring the supreme joy of tin whistle playing to your classroom, if not everyday, then a couple of times a week, weaving an added enjoyable dimension into the week’s work, beginning and finishing each day with a few tunes together on the tin whistle!


YES - through completing the course, you will acquire the competence, confidence and skill to resurrect the joy of Tin Whistle playing in classrooms throughout the country, developing and grounding a new generation of tin whistle players in today’s schools.

Go on – step up, log in and take your tin whistle challenge………. learning to play it well in just 20 hours!

Through completing the course, you will acquire the competence, confidence and skill to resurrect the joy of Tin Whistle playing in classrooms throughout the country, developing and grounding a new generation of tin whistle players in today’s schools.

By course end, our expert tutor, Ms. Gina Cullen - B.Ed / B. Mus. will have you playing everything from traditional little tunes and much loved numbers, to waltzes, jigs and reels.

FREE: You will receive a D-Whistle and a two Tin Whistle Manuals by post to accompany & support your online video lessons.

Enrol today and discover a whole new pleasure. The on-line format of the course enables you to study when and where you want to learn. 

On completion of this course each participant can download their CPD record and Certificate of completion. The Certificate of completion demonstrates your achievement in completing this professional development course.

Finally, it is truly up to us to unearth the next generation of tin whistle player, an instrument that is synonymous with great Irish music sessions the world over, from Doolin to Dusseldorf, from Ballina to Boston, and hamlets in-between.


You too can become a proficient tin whistle player. 

Learning outcomes

Through the well-illustrated and clearly exemplified lessons across the five modules, we plan and anticipate that: Teachers learn to play the tin whistle to a standard that will enable them to return to the classroom, equipped with the skills, techniques and materials to roll out lessons to their pupils.
  • Teachers perform a wide range of tunes competently and confidently, from an ever increasing repertoire.
  • Teachers can appraise, know the place of & plan Tin Whistle successfully into their Music curriculum
  • Teachers can create a strong programme for Music with their pupils, with Tin Whistle playing inherent to and integrated within its structure.
  • Teachers investigate and evaluate a range of music making resources for the classroom/ school.
  • Teachers will plan Tin Whistle lessons for their pupils in the coming year.


01 - Through instructed video/audio clips, teachers are introduced to the first set of note playing i.e. B, A, G, F sharp, E, D and a suite of tunes composed of these notes, for practice & skill building. Note values such as crotchets, minims and quavers are also covered.
We explore and contextualise the opportunities for the tin whistle to help exemplify the musical elements within the primary school music curriculum and thereafter suggest a variety of cross curricular opportunities for Music, encouraging teachers to actively seek, find and make authentic linkage and integration.
02 - Begins with revision of notes and more practice tunes for the first suite of notes, followed by introduction of C sharp and scale playing, all embedded and reinforced with learning to play the Princess Waltz, the Ballerina Waltz and other well known tunes. We explore ideas on approaches to performing tunes in a classroom setting using tuned and unturned instruments.
We examine the possibilities for the tin whistle within the range of approaches and methodologies that help deliver the music curriculum, itemising a range of activities that might underpin and guide children in ‘Listening and Responding to Music’.
03 - We continue with note introduction, covering Note C natural, Note high E, High F sharp and High G , again practiced thereafter within tunes such as Skip to My Lou, Óró Sé Do Bheatha Abhaile, Little Brown Jug, Maggie in the Wood and Dawning of the Day, all tunes exemplifying the notes taught to this stage.
We review the required approach to planning successful music making and appreciation in the classroom and the potential opportunities for the Tin Whistle within the mix, activities that include song singing and directed viewing of DVD animated stories.
04 - In this module, we grow your repertoire of tunes, providing plenty of practice, fun and enjoyment, building both confidence and competence in equal measure. The suite of tunes that comprise the module are divided into three categories, notably The Childrens Collection , Christmas Classics and Favourites Through Time , dozens of tunes to entertain you and all those within earshot!
05 - Predominantly concerned with progressing, refining and honing newly acquired skill sets. A huge range of songs are now presented to lay down & build each teachers repertoire for the classroom e.g. Spancil Hill, Boolavogue, The Foggy Dew, Kelly of Killanne, along with Polkas, jigs and reels, allowing each individual participant to reach as high a level of accomplishment as feasible. We propose and review the resources that a teacher / school enthusiastic about music education would typically possess or tap.

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