I28 - Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS)

For reading skills development in 3rd-6th.

Includes FREE 250 page manual by post.

PALS – be the first to bring the world renowned PALS programme to your school in 2016! Introduce this new strategy to the reading development equation which has been proven to raise reading achievement. Bring PALS back to your classroom in September!

Teachers will systematically engage with the detail of the PALS Programme.  Peer assisted learning strategies for development and progression of reading skills is a programme that was developed by Dr. Douglas Fuchs, Dr. Lynn Fuchs, Dr. Deborah Simmons and Dr. Patricia Mathes and was approved by the U.S. Dept. of Education as an approved and effective educational practice. The course will cover the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to set up and effectively implement the programme at class and whole school level.

In particular covering core activities such as:

  • Partner reading
  • Retelling
  • Paragraph shrinking
  • Prediction relay
  • Scheduling / pairings / selecting reading material / leveling material / monitoring performance etc.
Teachers will appraise, evaluate and assess their current approach to reading skills development, consider the requirements of the new literacy strategy and decide on the place of PALS within the mix for raising literacy outcomes. All participants are subsequently provided with a hard copy of the 280 page manual to aid implementation. Additionally, teachers will discretely & systematically engage with the School Self-Evaluation processes & instruments with a view to later formulating and implementing a self improvement plan.
The on-line format of the course enables you to study when and where you want to learn. Content is divided into 5 modules which you can complete in any order at any time.
Participants are encouraged to interact with one another using the communication tools (forum, chat, e-mail) provided by the CPD College learning system. Active facilitation throughout the course provides expert interaction, guidance and feedback for all participants. Assignments and questions which call for critical reflection, self-analysis and a reasoned response punctuate this highly interactive web based course.
On completion of this course each participant can download their CPD record and Certificate of completion. The Certificate of completion demonstrates your achievement in completing this professional development course.

Learning outcomes

Upon course completion:
  • Teachers will be able to detail the current approaches to reading development in Irish education and schedule PALS into that mix as a proven strategy to improve and drive better outcomes in literacy.
  • Teachers will be able to distinguish and state the unique features of the PALS programme for third to sixth class.
  • Teachers will know how to prepare for and manage the setting up and roll out of a school wide Peer Assisted Learning Strategies approach (PALS) to reading development
  • Teachers will appraise PALS as a strategy and value its potential as part of the reading approaches mix.
  • Teachers will be enthused to implement, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of PALS in their own classroom in the coming school year.
  • Teachers will be equipped, not only with the physical manual, but with a thorough understanding, appreciation and working knowledge of the programme.
  • Teachers will be versed in the processes and evaluation tools necessary to carry out & implement school self evaluation / self improvement.


01 - Teachers will review and reflect on the current mix of approaches to reading development in the senior classes and be introduced to PALS – peer assisted learning strategies as part of this mix.
02 - Teachers explore the detail of the first suite of lessons of the PALS programme, covering development of the first two essential skills.
03 - Teachers engage with the suite of lessons that cover the skills involved in ‘paragraph shrinking’.
04 - Teachers engage with the suite of lessons designed to teach and practice prediction skills through a technique called ‘prediction relay’.
05 - Teachers will explore and consider PALS as part of a strong, in place, systematic approach to reading development, where ‘learning to read’ is a precursor to/cornerstone of ‘reading to learn’. Teachers will engage with the processes and tools of school self evaluation with a view to putting in place a self improvement plan.

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