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Driving excellence in grammar, spelling and punctuation skills.
From the creators of the outstanding and acclaimed ‘Jolly Phonics Programme’ comes the equally amazing and very successful ‘Jolly Grammar Programme’, which encompasses all the salient points for grammar, spelling & punctuation for ages 7 to13+.
If you want your students to write well in English, then correct usage of grammar, spelling and punctuation is essential to coding the writing correctly and for the correct expression of the message. 
"Oh, how I wish that they could write better", I hear them say?  The refrain of teachers everywhere, the national lamentation, is that writing standards are slipping in the era of ‘The Screen Generation’, where communication is truncated to within an inch of its meaningful life.
Our youth today seem to think that most grammar, full spellings and almost all punctuation is completely subservient to the message! ......... nay, even surplus to requirements.
Never was it more timely to re-iterate for all, the requirement for proper grammar, accurate spelling and correct punctuation, all three, just like good manners, always necessary and ever appreciated.
The programme is completely thorough, with 36 grammar and 36 spelling lessons at each year level from year 1 to year 6, equating to 216 grammar and 216 spelling lessons across the primary years; totalling 432 lessons that are systematic, strongly structured, sequential, incremental in difficulty and progressive in nature. Within the course, we tour through the key points, a suite of rules and best teaching practices.
Our course equips teachers with the knowledge, understanding and skill sets necessary to deliver a gold standard education to their children in all aspects of English grammar, spelling and punctuation.
From historical perspectives, to scope and sequence charts across the classes, from adjectives and adverbs to writing complex sentences and using correct punctuation, this course covers all bases for the teachers striving to have their students understand the myriad of conventions and do it well.
Participants tell us that this programme should be structural to every school’s language scheme of work and an essential part of all staff professional development.
Click that ‘ENROL’ button and get to grips with the rules of spelling, the finer points of good grammar and correct usage of all those punctuation items!
Welcome to proper language usage!

Learning outcomes

In this course we aim to:
  • Equip teachers with a comprehensive understanding of all the elements that coalesce to form a strong skills driven plan for developing children’s correct usage of grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Detail, sequence and scope all elements of grammar development from Year 1 to Year 6 / Ages 7 to 13 years, along with the ideas, lesson plans, strategies and activities to deliver them
  • Detail, sequence and  scope spelling skills development from first to sixth class, along with the ideas, lesson plans, strategies and activities to build them


01 - A focus on spelling, grammar, punctuation and good writing skills development was never as important as for the ‘Screen Generation’, who abbreviate everything and extract the life out of sentences, sacrificing everything for brevity. Thus we set out the a ‘Brief History and Geography of Grammar Teaching’, debunk a few myths, establish the clear salient facts.
02 - Here we place the spotlight on strategies & activities for building correct ‘Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation’, covering implicit and explicit grammar knowledge:  Sentences, Phrases and Clauses, Parts of Speech, Parsing and Sentence Diagramming, Punctuation e.g. questions and question marks, exclamations and exclamation marks, commas, speech marks, apostrophes and contractions to name but a few!
03 - In this module we explore ‘Grammar and Writing Skills’: dictionary and thesaurus skills, antonyms and synonyms, homophones, homographs, homonyms and heteronyms, syllables, root words, prefixes and suffixes, literary devices and more.
04 - In this module we build teacher capacity and skills on explicit points of grammar and spelling: spelling and synthetic phonics, structure of the spelling lessons, spelling strategies, spelling rules, digraphs, tri-graphs and dip-thongs , tricky vowels, consonants, common spelling patterns etc. 
05 - We outline the map of the 216 spelling lessons and the 216 grammar lessons across first to sixth class, providing the perfect basis on which to build solid accurate writing skills. Upon the ability to code words accurately and facility with sentence construction is a broad balanced writing programme planned, scoped and rolled out. Make 2016/2017 your year of emphasising correct gammar, spelling and punctuation for all!


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